Tunnelmanhuolto is an occasional electronic music stream organized by Breaque & Anni Star. Once every now and then we team up with the bestest local and global DJs for a fun filled live session straight outta Oulu, Finland. There is no strict format or schedule, so anything from weird B2B:s to stupid MCing may happen. Instead of grumpy purism our goal is to have fun with various genres, versatile guest DJs and plenty of GTs. Tune in!

For questions or feedback join #tunnelmanhuolto on IRCnet. Our Facebook group is also here to keep you updated on the latest news in a web2.0 socializing style.


DJs > Somepoe


Appearances: 2 out of 40 shows

2 Shows Attended

Title Date DJs
Tunnelmanhuolto 31
2013‑11‑30 Anni Star, Breaque, Jayday, Macarone, Smok & Somepoe
Tunnelmanhuolto 14
Max taste, zero distortion
2009‑11‑14 Allen D, Anni Star, Breaque, Macarone, Safe Vodka, Sektori & Somepoe