Tunnelmanhuolto is an occasional electronic music stream organized by Breaque & Anni Star. Once every now and then we team up with the bestest local and global DJs for a fun filled live session straight outta Oulu, Finland. There is no strict format or schedule, so anything from weird B2B:s to stupid MCing may happen. Instead of grumpy purism our goal is to have fun with various genres, versatile guest DJs and plenty of GTs. Tune in!

For questions or feedback join #tunnelmanhuolto on IRCnet. Our Facebook group is also here to keep you updated on the latest news in a web2.0 socializing style.


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Tunnelmanhuolto 33

F-hain X-mas

13th December 2014 (Saturday)

Anni Star, Breaque, Lazercat, Naks, Timmi

After a long hiatus, we came, we saw and we.. played other people's music live for a few hours. We just couldn't leave you without the traditional Christmas madness session and thanks to our dear friends H-M & Arthur we finally had a venue for it here in F-hain.

For our comeback show we were clad to feature the awesome LAZERCAT for the first time in our stream. She was joined by the magically waving NAKS fresh back from getting lost in space, as well as TIMMI straight outta old hoods in Kreuzberg.

As always with a 6+ hour live session, some technical problems were unavoidable. In addition to switching positions of some monitor speakers in the middle of playing, we ended up having to switch servers too due to some network issues. Thanks to both dR and Reaktio for supporting us once again! Oh, and did I say 6 hours? As the matter of fact we ended up playing something like 8.5 thanks to Timmi and our hosts & guests who weren't in any hurry to leave for an afterparty. It was our longest show yet, providing both quality and quantity in spades.

We have some exiting ideas for 2015, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news!

Sets and Recordings

Title DJs Genres
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 1 Breaque Deep House, Disco, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 2 Timmi Deep House, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 3 Lazercat Acid, Disco, Electro
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 4 Naks Acid, Disco, Techno
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 5 Lazercat, Naks & Timmi Acid, Deep House, Disco, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 6 Anni Star Hip Hop, Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 33 part 7 Timmi Deep House, House

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