Tunnelmanhuolto is an occasional electronic music stream organized by Breaque & Anni Star. Once every now and then we team up with the bestest local and global DJs for a fun filled live session straight outta Oulu, Finland. There is no strict format or schedule, so anything from weird B2B:s to stupid MCing may happen. Instead of grumpy purism our goal is to have fun with various genres, versatile guest DJs and plenty of GTs. Tune in!

For questions or feedback join #tunnelmanhuolto on IRCnet. Our Facebook group is also here to keep you updated on the latest news in a web2.0 socializing style.


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Tunnelmanhuolto 34

Meistering the Haus

21st March 2015 (Saturday)

Acid Hausmeister, Anni Star, Breaque, Electrodon, Gruth + Lazercat + Naks + Raiden

In our continuing search of a location to host our combined internet radio and wild house party, we were hit with an offer we couldn't refuse. ACID HAUSMEISTER, the resident Berlin master of live analogue acid madness, invited us to do a show in his home studio. Surrounded with the vast array of his gear, we were treated to an exclusive hardware live set like no other.

Not satisfied with just one epic live performance, we also had the DJing front covered with not one but two Tunnelmanhuolto first timers! GRUTH graced us with a killer dark ambient and techno set including some of his own productions, while ELECTRODON provided top quality acid, house and electro.

As our second host Anni Star had experienced a small injury and was unable to do much playing, a very special Tunnelmanhuolto all-star lineup, including special surprise guests LAZERCAT and NAKS, took to her records. In what is becoming a new Tunnelmanhuolto tradition, the crazy B2B action (backed up by the Hausmeister's gear) took our show into a few hours of overtime. Towards the end of the night RAIDEN also joined us for some DnB sounds (which we haven't had on our stream in a while). What an extraordinary night to kick off our shows for 2015!

Acid Hausmeister: https://soundcloud.com/spoinkel
ElectroDon: https://soundcloud.com/electrodon
Gruth: https://www.facebook.com/GruthOfficial

Sets and Recordings

Title DJs Genres
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 1 Breaque Deep House, Disco, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 2 Gruth Ambient, Techno
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 3 Electrodon Acid, Electro, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 4 Acid Hausmeister Acid, House, Techno
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 5 Anni Star, Breaque, Electrodon, Gruth, Lazercat & Naks House, Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 34 part 6 Gruth, Lazercat, Naks & Raiden Acid, DnB, House, Techno

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