Tunnelmanhuolto is an occasional electronic music stream organized by Breaque & Anni Star. Once every now and then we team up with the bestest local and global DJs for a fun filled live session straight outta Oulu, Finland. There is no strict format or schedule, so anything from weird B2B:s to stupid MCing may happen. Instead of grumpy purism our goal is to have fun with various genres, versatile guest DJs and plenty of GTs. Tune in!

For questions or feedback join #tunnelmanhuolto on IRCnet. Our Facebook group is also here to keep you updated on the latest news in a web2.0 socializing style.


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Tunnelmanhuolto 35

Th goes NL

2nd May 2015 (Saturday)

Anni Star, Breaque, Ken-Guru, POG, Ovrwatch

Straight outta.. Utrecht? Tunnelmanhuolto got back on the road for the third time in a row. This time we ventured a tiny bit beyond our usual Berlin hoods to invade the Nether Regions.

We stirred up the locals and picked out the bestest DJs from their ranks to join us for the 6-hour live stream. Tunnelmanhuolto first-timer POG provided some much needed international flavour in our otherwise heavily Oulu-infested lineup. The rest of the crew consisted of our old friends formerly from the grim north: KEN-GURU (also in for the 1st appearance) and Teemu from OVRWATCH. The latter also provided us the facilities for hosting the session, so thanks and/or apologies to him!

Once the show was up, the place got packed with Utrecht party animals while our faithful listeners did not fail to tune up through teh intertubes. Our DJs did an excellent job laying down the beats among the crowd and noise. Yet another banging night for Th, who knows where we'll be broadcasting next?

Sets and Recordings

Title DJs Genres
Tunnelmanhuolto 35 part 1 Breaque & Ovrwatch Deep House, Disco, House, Techno
Tunnelmanhuolto 35 part 2 Ken-Guru Acid, House, Techno
Tunnelmanhuolto 35 part 3 POG Deep House, Disco, House
Tunnelmanhuolto 35 part 4 Ovrwatch House, Tech House
Tunnelmanhuolto 35 part 5 Anni Star House, Pop

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