Tunnelmanhuolto is an occasional electronic music stream organized by Breaque & Anni Star. Once every now and then we team up with the bestest local and global DJs for a fun filled live session straight outta Oulu, Finland. There is no strict format or schedule, so anything from weird B2B:s to stupid MCing may happen. Instead of grumpy purism our goal is to have fun with various genres, versatile guest DJs and plenty of GTs. Tune in!

For questions or feedback join #tunnelmanhuolto on IRCnet. Our Facebook group is also here to keep you updated on the latest news in a web2.0 socializing style.


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Tunnelmanhuolto 04

Naisia, Mauno ja hittipiisejä

9th August 2008 (Saturday)

Anni Star, Breaque, Coultier, Illyana, Mauno Kalevi, Sero, Viola

After the excessive amounts of testosterone had filled our Oulu studio for three sessions, we were in desperate need of some girl power. Fortunately Oulu has never been short on female talent, and to the rescue came the lovely Illyana and Viola.

To avoid being overrun, the guys had to even the odds a bit, by inviting the world famous Mauno Kalevi for his first ever Tunnelmanhuolto appearance.

Sets and Recordings

Title DJs Genres
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 1 Breaque House
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 2 Coultier Disco
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 3 Mauno Kalevi Disco, Electro
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 4 Illyana House, Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 5 Sero Breaks, Hip Hop, Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 6 Anni Star House, Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 7 Viola Pop
Tunnelmanhuolto 04 part 8 Anni Star, Breaque, Coultier, Illyana, Mauno Kalevi & Sero Disco, Electro, Pop, Techno